Podcast Episode 11: Sinister Design’s Craig Stern

Hey bits! We’ve got a special treat for your in this episode of 8bits and Pieces. Craig Stern, the President/Designer/Master/General/Captain Awesome over at Sinister Design came in for an interview about his work in progress title Telepath Tactics! We discuss his progress and goals, as well as some of his earlier games and where he got his start as an indie developer. Thanks a lot to Craig for coming on the show, and we hope you enjoy this episode!

Listen, download (right click and save as), and share! Post in the comments if you have any follow up questions for Craig, or opinions on our interview! Want us to do more? Let us know!

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Sinister Design

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One thought on “Podcast Episode 11: Sinister Design’s Craig Stern

  1. Lex Mandrake says:

    Great interview!
    I am a huge Shining Force fan myself so this game looks pretty sweet.
    Adobe AIR looks really interesting, I had never known about it before but it does give a good reason to keep Flash around. I had been thinking Flash was going to disappear since it lost Apple’s support for handheld devices.

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