Podcast Episode 10: Hooray! Origin!

Hope your 4th was grand! We podcasted to our little heart’s content. The game industry is collapsing! But not really, and we’re talking about it. Also, EA and Sony are exploring the digital future, and then we debate the balance of keeping casual and hardcore gamers happy within the same type of game, or even the same title. How do you keep one side happy without annoying or ignoring the other? Awesome topics! Sound off and let us know what you think? Also, Justin needs a microphone filter. TIME TO SHOP!

Listen, download (right click and save as), and share! Post in the comments and let us know what you think about the news topics of this week, as well as your thoughts on the casual vs hardcore players and systems in games!

Activision Up For Sale? (Not exactly)
Sony Buys Gaikai – streaming games on PSN?
EA: “We’re going 100% digital” 
PS4 possibly in development since 2010? (We hope so!) 

What we’re playing:
God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Kingdom Age, Final Fantasy 13, Portal 2, Stacking, Megu, League of Legends, Max Payne 3, Diablo III, PlanetSide, Braid, Anomaly: Warzone Earth

What we’re watching:
Serenity,  Breaking Bad, Prometheus, Star Trek The Next Generation

What we’re reading:
Game of Thrones

Shoutouts and Callouts:
 Assassin’s Creed replica hidden blade 
Spain wins Europe!
Wilfred season 2 and Ted – Dudes in their 30s and their animal friends

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3 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 10: Hooray! Origin!

  1. Noah Bench says:

    When talking about Vivendi I thought you guys touched on some interesting points. AAA games are becoming less and less profitable. Games need to sell 3 and 4 million copies just to break even. For many games that just isn’t possible, which is why you see so many developers shutting down. The way I see it, I don’t think AAA game development will go away completely, but it will grow much smaller. You may also see games developed and sold in smaller chunks. You may just see shorter games, but however they change, dev teams and dev schedules need to shrink because right now the risk is just way too high.

    My views DO NOT represent the views of my employer.


    • Rogue says:

      Thanks for listening! Annnnd I figured your views would differ from your employer ;P

      I think you’re on to something. Especially with this new Kickstarter-ed console, I believe we’ll be seeing a movement to many shorter and more creative/different games. Sort of a time-quality over time-quantity; no more 12-hour leveling runarounds or just filler levels. Despite them being redundant, they still take time to create and place into the game; if its not attached to the plot in any way, I see them scratching it.

      • Noah Bench says:

        I have to say that :P Somewhere in my contract I agreed to run to PR anytime a question comes up.

        Yeah. I mean I’d love to see shorter, higher quality experiences.

        A friend of mine was recently talking about this. He doesn’t think costs of development have risen all that much, but rather that publishers are just looking for more profitable, less risky solutions than AAA game development.

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