Podcast Episode 8: Post E3 Discussion – Look at my Thighs!


E3 BITS! E3 Has drifted away once again, but not without leaving an impression! Leanne, Emmett, Hoober, and Justin are together at last in Episode 8 as we break down all the big press conferences and talk about what wowed us and what put us to sleep! Our man Emmett was on the floor at E3 and he gives us an inside look at all the demos, and the lines!
What was our favorite thing at E3? What was the biggest let down, did any of our wild predictions come true?

Listen, download (right click and save as), and share! Post in the comments and let us know what YOU thought of E3! What was your favorite part? Did any of the big three win? What was your biggest let down?

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4 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 8: Post E3 Discussion – Look at my Thighs!

  1. Joe Montana was the football guy at Microsoft’s press conference.

    And after that, he went home, sat in his bed, threw his head in his hands and wept, because that is the closest he’ll come to his glory days on the field ever again.

    An interesting theory I heard for Nintendo was whatever they had planned to be the closing of their conference was pulled out last minute, and all they had to replace it were fireworks. It is an interesting theory, and people have looked back at it and expressed that even Reggie didn’t seem too pleased by the end.

    I’ve already expressed enough of my own thoughts and theories relating to E3, though. I did learn, however, that we always talk of E3 being for investors, but there’s another group of business folk we’re forgetting. GameStop, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Amazon and other retailers are there, and Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and the other companies are all trying to convince them to purchase and promote their stuff.

    So yeah, when it comes to E3’s target audience, game enthusiasts are pretty damn low on the totem pole.

  2. Lex Mandrake says:

    It sounds like there’s a few interesting bits of software coming out and a whole lot of nothing for hardware. What’s the deal with FF14(?), Final Fantasy games have always been pretty solid rpgs, at least i never played one i thought was a badly done rpg. Are they trying that mmo thing again? Cuz that was a bad idea.
    Also Neverwinter sounds interesting since the original Neverwinter Nights was one of the very first games to use the concept of playing online with other people, that was when the internet was a new thing and you had to use your phone line…you know, the 90’s. Anyway I was looking around for info on it but all I can find are cinematics, which doesn’t tell me anything about the gameplay. Also if it’s PC only don’t send that key my way, i’ll have no way to play it. :(

  3. Matt J says:

    How can a person not like Sim City? Not enough jumping from one thing to the next thing? Too few 3 point conversions?

    Blood is boiling, but I suppose that means I was entertained in a way.

    • Rogue says:

      Personally, I’m not interested in it because there lacks a plot point. And I guess I’m too lazy/not creative enough to plot out my own world trying to make one. I played SimTown as a kid, nothing more, and haven’t looked back.

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