Podcast Episode 7: Pre E3 Edition – Cocktail Mama!

PREEEE EEEEEEE THREEEEE! In episode 7 Justin, Leanne, and special guest Emmett are talking about our hopes and dreams for E3! We discuss what games (or systems?) we are looking forward to the most, what we think will be announced, and how depressed we will be after none of it happens! We also reflect on the past and give our opinions on if all the companies and games lived up to their promises, or if they fell flat on their face.

Listen, download (right click and save as), and share! Post in the comments and let us know what YOU think is going to happen at E3! Also, are you playing or watching any of the same things we are? Let us know your thoughts!

Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale demo
God of War Origins Collection (Chains of Olympus)
Diablo III
Like everything on The Humble Indie Bundle!

Game of Thrones

bc likes you EP!

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Also, fun correction, Justin is an idiot and most likely meant “CPU” when he said “GPU”. LOTS OF LOVE!

4 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 7: Pre E3 Edition – Cocktail Mama!

  1. Lex Mandrake says:

    I miss Hoob’s resonant tones.
    Sorry about that dumb-face guy Leanne.
    This humble bundle looks awesome! I’m totally buying this and playing lots of Superbros since I’ve been looking at trailers for it for a while and keep forgetting to grab it. I played Baston a little this past semester and it’s awesome! Plus Psychonauts is great and Limbo looks sweet.
    I hadn’t been planning on watching E3 this year because last year I was just so hoping to see a new xbox or the ps4 that when I didn’t I lost a lot of interest in the whole mess. But by god Justin some of your predictions better come true!
    And what’s the deal with backwards compatibility anyway, I always wish we saw more of that since now everything has been on disk for a while.

    • Rogue says:

      Thanks Lex, and might I mention, you still listening is so cool. Stupid-face and I are still pals, hanging out like once or twice a week. He’s too likeable.

      Hoob is lame and found a lady friend to take up his time… he will be back on the next episode though!

      Humble Bundle is amaaaazing. I need to get a mouse for my fancy new Mac so I can play ALL OF THE THINGS.

      And backwards compatibility is SO easy to do, but there are two things I imagine that are going on in their heads. 1: Load times- remember how long it used to take on PS1 and even some PS2 games to load different sections or progress in games? People wouldn’t tolerate that now and it may be the way the game skips around, not the console’s reading ability. 2: Money. Why be backwards compatible when you can ask for $1-$10 for each of the classics? OR! Give people another reason to subscribe to Play Station Plus on the PSN and give them those games only if they’re a subscriber.

      • Actually backwards compatibility and emulation can be difficult and expensive. Porting Marvel vs. Capcom 2 to Xbox Live Arcade cost them about as much as making a brand new game, for example.

        I wish I could find it, but there was an article where someone was building an emulator for SNES games that was more functionally accurate than all the others, but was also more of a resource hog. The program isn’t just making the game run, it is imitating the original hardware processes as accurately as possible, which is actually very important when emulating old software. Because the Xbox 360 and PS3 both had completely new hardware and architecture compared to the previous generation, their games had to build emulators, which means the Xbox 360 is dedicating a bunch of horse power just to pretending to be an Xbox, let alone running the game itself.

        Of course, some ports don’t require the software emulation, but then you risk your game playing different than it did on the original system, and that can either result in breaking the game and thus requiring new code to fix it, or simply changing minor behaviors in A.I. or other aspects of the game world that will piss off old fans.

  2. I didn’t get to play The Old Republic, but this is Bioware we’re talking about, and the big sell with their games is usually playing a second time and seeing what is different. Is it possible they were expecting a player to hit max level and then start a second character as they would for Mass Effect or Dragon Age?

    Konami did a streaming conference last year, and it actually DID work out for them as it didn’t become a huge source of negative memes. Watch the 2010 Press Conference and…yeah. Yyyyeeeeaaaahhh…. As for Metal Gear Rising, I was originally not interested, but I’d say (based on the footage from Konami’s conference) that it is more resembling Ninja Gaiden, which is one of the few action games I dig. So I’m all on board for that now.

    As for the next generation, I actually dread it. Enough studios are having trouble staying open now because it is so expensive, and developers really need to learn you can make games for lower budgets and release them at lower price points and still sell, but it’s…it’s a disaster, and if we move on to a new console generation, look at the creativity whither further away. I mean, I like indie games like Bastion, sure, but I like my AAA games as well…as long as they’re not all the same game.

    Oddly enough, the 3DS is the sweet spot, to me. It looks beautiful enough, but is cheap enough. You can make console-quality without having to bet the whole farm.

    And correction: THQ is showing up, just they won’t have a booth. They’ll have private rooms to show their games off, though.

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