Podcast Episode 6: Bond Should Drink Fourloko

HEYYYYYYY BITS! So first off, super sorry this is crazy late. Over a week now, and well, let’s go ahead an blame it on memorial day weekend. Which was awesome! Hope yours went well. BUT ONTO THE EPISODE…

Hoob and Justin are at it again, talking Game of Thrones! Yeah we watched it, but did you know they’re coming out with a Facebook game? Something possibly more awesome is the new 007: Skyfall trailer. Bond is back and we can’t wait. Then we dive into Bungie’s new game franchise (and how it might not actually be so new), Capcom rethinking how it distributes DLC, Valve’s got a new way to take our money – but we don’t mind, and then some HILARIOUS news from the Activision vs West & Zampella case. (Yes we know, it’s now over, we’ll talk about that soon hopefully!)
Listen, download (right click and save as), and share! Post in the comments and let us know what you think about all these awesome, terrible, and borderline hilarious news stories. Also, are you playing or watching any of the same things we are? Let us know your thoughts!

Spec Ops The Line demo
Saints Row The Third PS+ Trial
Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension PS+ Trial
Disney Universe PS+ Trial
Diablo III

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Game of Thrones (Warning! From about 25:00 – 34:13, we talk up to Episode 8 of season 2. We do our best not to spoil stuff, but we do talk about who is still alive, and about some people who hook up. Be warned!)

Game of Thrones Facebook game
007: Skyfall Trailer
Bungie’s new franchise
Campcom DLC
Valve’s remote download
Activision: Operation Ice Breaker

EA helping out crowd funded titles
Inception a cappella trailer 

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2 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 6: Bond Should Drink Fourloko

  1. Lex Mandrake says:

    Once again, nice podcast.
    But I have a grievance.
    This whole Bungie thing is really bothering me. Mainly because my friend is a giant Bungie fan but hates some of their recent Halo games, and the fact that there are so many halo games in general.
    His argument goes something like this: “Bungie is awesome and creative, but in order to get Halo 1 made they had to make a deal with Microsoft. Later this hurt them because Microsoft demanded sequels to the lucrative game and Bungie had to sacrifice creativity to meet deadlines. They couldn’t get out of this because they were under contract. Now they managed to get out from under Microsoft but no longer own Halo. All in all making a deal with Microsoft produced more bad games than good and lost them their intellectual property.”
    Now I don’t know if I completely agree with this argument but it at least gave me the impression that Bungie must feel used from their own Halo experience and thus would not immediately sign a multi-game set-deadline contract with another big company. Yet this is what has happened. So I’m a bit confused.
    I mean, don’t they have enough money from Halo to work with some more creative freedom?
    Also, check out Oni, old school Bungie game that’s pretty sweet.

    • Justin says:

      I’m honestly a little intrigued in the “sci-fantasy” thing… but I’d like to know what that means. Maybe we will find out this week at E3? If it’s just another shooter, then I can pass. If it’s something new and different… then they have my attention. A small amount of it, but some of it nonetheless.

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